Preschool Readiness

Wompy’s is an interactive musical playtime that teaches through art, puppets, and instruments. Each 45-minute class features a new lesson every week.


A Wompy’s class environment of learning and developing through imaginative play gives children the tools they need to succeed when they begin at school. Allow us to guide you in your critical role as your child’s first and most important teacher. Our weekly themes are taught through interactive songs, storytelling, and movement. Each class encourages language development, learning to follow simple directions and enhances fine and gross motor skills.

Teachers all agree that in addition to learning their ABC’s and 1,2,3’s, helping little ones develop healthy social skills are a huge contributor to success in school. Through interaction with others, children will develop good manners as they learn how to share with new friends, take turns, and be part of a weekly group environment. At a Wompy’s class, your child will learn when to sit and listen, and when to be up and silly. These basic skills will give your child a strong advantage when beginning at preschool or kindergarten.

At Wompy’s, your child will…

  • Learn to take turns, share and play together
  • Build their confidence by having simple responsibilities
  • Learn basic classroom rules
  • Model appropriate social interaction and politeness
  • Practice self-control

Together, let’s explore your child’s imagination and allow for thinking in the abstract as they creatively solve problems, increase social skills and have fun in the safe and nurturing environment found in each and every Wompy’s class.