Mommy and Me

Wompy’s is an interactive musical playtime that teaches through art, puppets, and instruments. Each 45-minute class features a new lesson every week.


Calling All Loving Caregivers! Whether it’s Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me, Grandparents and Me or Nanny and Me, it’s time to connect and bond with your child.

Wompy’s may be the most magical 45 minutes any grown-up spend can with a child each week! Wompy’s enhances parent-child bonding through Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me, Grandparents and Me or Caregiver and Me activities. Mommy and Me classes promote the exciting development of essential life skills, while providing you and your child with a great space to play, move and grow together.

The Mommy and Me philosophy stems from the knowledge that when grown-ups and children play together, it fosters the development of leadership skills, builds confidence and enhances children’s sense of self. There are a variety of lessons which promote sharing, taking turns, cooperating, treating each other well and showing respect for peers. Experiencing Wompy’s together builds social and emotional development while setting the foundation for learning.